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Healthy and friendly home

Each of us wants to feel well and safe at home. The feeling of having a cosy place is also extremely important when living in a foreign city or country. If you want to turn your property or a rented flat into a real oasis of health and cosiness, where you spend time with pleasure, you do not need high financial expenses, furniture straight from interior magazines or king’s size surfaces. Often, inexpensive interventions, changes easy to make in interior fittings and simple habits are enough to gain a sense of living in a unique place with positive energy and a pleasant atmosphere.


The most important for them is to be practical, safe (especially if there are stairs at home) and warm on autumn and winter evenings. It is best to get rid of carpets and rugs, which easily collect dust, dirt and any kind of pollution. Difficult to clean regularly, they may contribute to irritation of mucous membranes and growing of allergies. An additional factor favouring the growing of allergies are mites. An effective way to fight these troublesome pests is to wash and clean pillows, duvets and mattresses. It is advisable to do it every three months.

Vacuuming and floor cleaning

Frequent vacuuming and washing floors is the most effective way to reduce dust. Dust is currently one of the biggest problems in flats or houses, especially in cities. Its excessive amount contributes to irritation of the respiratory tract, especially in sensitive people who are susceptible to asthma and allergies. Therefore, persons suffering from allergies and asthma are especially advisable to use water vacuum cleaners, which are equipped with a special filter capturing dust and its particles.  

Regular airing

It is advisable to air the rooms at least three times a day, preferably for 10 to 15 minutes. It is best to do it at sunny times, so as not to let the humid air enter into the house. The bathroom (especially after bathing, showering or shaving) and the kitchen should be the most often ventilated rooms. Letting air from the outside in regularly prevents stuffiness, unpleasant scents and moisture in the rooms. However, do not leave the windows open all the time as this promotes the growth of mould and all kinds of fungi.

Caution with screens

Nowadays, basically everyone has a TV set and a computer at home. Many people cannot imagine their life without these devices, forgetting that they are not always beneficial for our health. Computer and TV screens emit harmful substances, which exacerbate the symptoms of allergy and asthma. The best solution would be to get rid of them at all. However, if you are not ready for such a radical step, you can reduce their toxic effects by removing them from your bedroom and by putting them near salt lamps, which are a natural air ionizer and raise the level of negative ions in the air. In addition, lamps made of crystalline salt support the treatment of asthma, allergies, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. They are also used in the treatment of rheumatism.  

No smoking

The most friendly place is the one without smoke. Smoking at home or even by an open window is not healthy for housemates because smoke stays in the room for a long time, favouring irritation of the respiratory tract in sensitive people, especially children. It is best to prohibit smoking at home altogether, not only for housemates, but also for guests. Although this may seem a very radical step, not very hospitable either, it is worth fighting smokers for the benefit and health of your close ones.

Heat from the radiators

Romantic evenings by a fireplace, especially in winter, is a dream of many people. The heat of a fireplace makes us feel good, but most of us do not know that while using a fireplace, harmful particles that may cause or exacerbate asthma appear. It is advisable to heat the flat or the house with radiators, which, although less romantic, are more favourable for our health.

Green oasis

The well-being of a person is significantly improved when (s)he is surrounded by flowers and plants. It is easier to breathe, you are less nervous and less stressed. The negative ions of the plants lower blood pressure, accelerate cleansing of the upper respiratory tract and improve blood profile. Almost all flowers radiate negatively, i.e. favourably for human health. However polypodium, geranium and pelargonium are particularly human-friendly due to their strong ionization.

Pre-Christmas house cleaning is a great opportunity to change our way of life and habits. Easy, simple and inexpensive interventions can significantly improve our well-being and life comfort. It is certainly worth to spend some time and take care of your nest, so that you can have a healthy and nice time not only for Christmas and New Year, but also through the whole coming year.