Service vouchers is a system of pay for domestic services through vouchers. Currently the cost of such a voucher amounts to 9 € for the first 400 vouchers per person and 10 € for the next order of 100 vouchers. The family is entitled to 800 vouchers at a cost of 9 & 10 €. On January 1st 2014 prices will increase to 9 € and 10 € respectively. Any person registered in Belgium can buy such vouchers, which in turn gives the taxpayer the right to a 30% discount. The work provided concerns the private zone and cannot be used for professional purposes.

There are two types of vouchers: paper and electronic.

Electronic vouchers are a dematerialized version of paper ones. To order them go to,, and fill out the questionnaire to get a 12-digit user number. After receiving it, you can immediately buy vouchers (minimum 10 pieces). It is necessary to enter the user number on the payment form; the purchase amount must be dividable by 9.

You can find the answers to all your questions:

- by phone: through a vocal, interactive server, which allows you to consult your portfolio of electronic service vouchers, confirm or cancel services ordered or to consult a chronological list of your confirmed or cancelled services

- via the Internet: in your personal space on the website,, where you can view the status of your electronic service vouchers, check your orders, confirm them or cancel them as well as consult the status of services performed or cancelled.

Electronic service vouchers will be at your disposal within 48 hours after making the bank transfer

Warning! Your order will be automatically cancelled if the:

- identification number is be incomplete, incorrect or you failed to enter it
- order includes less than 10 vouchers

In such a case you will be notified by mail or e-mail that your order has been rejected. If you do not receive paper vouchers you should notify SODEXO within one month after making the bank transfer at the latest. Then, you will get a replacement order free of charge.

If you wish, we can register you at Sodexo on your behalf. Just fill out the contact form!

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